As a small organization with limited resources, Reconnect Earth relies on volunteers to get things done. Volunteers help with tasks like planning and leading trips, designing online and paper materials, and public outreach. By volunteering, not only will you be helping Reconnect Earth accomplish our mission of working for a socially and ecologically just future by growing a network of empowered leaders to sustain grassroots social movements for years to come, you’ll also gain experience and build your resume.

Here are some specific ways volunteering with Reconnect Earth can help you on your career trajectory:

  • Build your resume with a volunteer position.
  • Get letters of recommendation for future job applications.
  • Gain experience in trip logistics, communications, or educational work.

Below are volunteer positions we’re currently looking to fill:

Trip Assistant 

Help organize, facilitate, and do outreach for one of Reconnect Earth’s trips during the 2018-19 school year! Trip assistants will work on the logistics for a trip, lead or co-lead activities depending on your areas of knowledge and interest, and assist with public outreach prior to the trip. This is an especially good opportunity for those who want to get experience in the fields of outdoor or environmental education. Apply here to be a volunteer trip assistant.

Guest Trip Co-Leader or Speaker

Do you have expertise in natural or cultural history of the Pacific Northwest, environmental problem-solving, or grassroots environmental and social justice movements? If so, you might make a great Reconnect Earth trip guest speaker or co-leader! These roles involve accompanying Reconnect Earth into the field and sharing your knowledge with trip participants. They are best suited to volunteers with existing expertise or work experience who are comfortable sharing what they know in an informal educational setting. If this sounds like you, send an email to reconnectearth@gmail.com and let us know how you’re interested in plugging in.

Other Opportunities 

Have an idea for a volunteer project that doesn’t quite match the descriptions above? Email reconnectearth@gmail.com and tell us about it. We’re always open to consider pursuing new ideas with volunteers who have vision and passion!