About Reconnect Earth

P1120431Our Mission:

Reconnect Earth works for a socially and ecologically just future by fostering and growing a network of empowered young leaders to sustain grassroots social movements for years to come.

Our Vision:

Reconnect Earth envisions a vibrant movement for a sustainable and socially just society.

We work to create a movement that resembles the world we want to see, bringing people outdoors to connect with nature and one another through meaningful, life-affirming activities.

We seek to dismantle oppressive paradigms and transform outdoor landscapes into empowering spaces for people of any race, ethnicity, faith, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or ability.

To accomplish this vision we value person-to-person organizing, empowering people through experiential learning, and deconstructing oppressive power structures in the larger world as well as in our own movement.

P1100687 (2)Our Role:

At the heart of our work are our experiential field programs for students. These take participants outdoors to connect with ecosystems and landscapes, explore their own social identities in an empowered setting, and learn about grassroots organizing techniques.

All alumni of Reconnect Earth field programs are encouraged to stay involved in a support network which provides further leadership development opportunities. Student leaders have access to mentorship, trainings, additional networking opportunities, and communication tools to maximize their projects’ effectiveness.