Our Leadership


Nick Engelfried Photo - Founder of Reconnect Earth
Nick Engelfried

Reconnect Earth founder Nick Engelfried first became an activist in college. He has been involved in successful campaigns to keep liquefied natural gas pipelines out of Oregon, transition the Northwest away from coal power, protect public lands, and defeat a massive new coal mine in Montana. More recently Nick has co-led backcountry trips for students through the North Cascades Institute, Wild Whatcom–and of course, Reconnect Earth. He received an MS in Environmental Studies from University of Montana in 2013, and an M.Ed. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University in 2018.

Board of Directors

Kay Gallagher

Kay Gallagher is a creative mind and experienced educator from the Green Mountains of New England. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington where she is a program supervisor for various STEM and Environmental Education programs. Kay is passionate about access and inclusion for all program participants, she enjoys problem solving and creating teaching resources. When she’s not working she loves making jewelry, trying new recipes, and exploring outdoors by any means she can, whether it’s hiking, snowboarding, climbing or paddling.

Angela Burlile Photo - Board of Directors for Reconnect Earth
Angela Burlile

Angela Burlile was born in Seoul, South Korea and has spent much of her life traversing the mountains in Alaska, Colorado, and Washington. She has devoted the past ten years working in formal and informal education environments. Upon completing her undergraduate degree at Western Washington University in 2008, Angela moved back to South Korea and spent six years teaching for the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education. Returning to Washington in 2015, Angela attended the North Cascades Institute Graduate Residency Program through Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University. She graduated with a M.Ed. in Environmental Education and certificates in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration and Northwest Natural History. During her time in graduate school, Angela was struck by the homogeneity that persists in the environmental education profession and turned to social justice education to understand and identify processes through which structural inequities are maintained, reproduced, challenged, and transformed in the environmental field. Angela has the privilege of continuing this work as Continuing Education Coordinator and Field Instructor for the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at the University of Washington.

Alan Alatorre-Barajas Photo - Board of Directors for Reconnect Earth
Alan Alatorre-Barajas

Alan Alatorre-Barajas is serving a second year in AmeriCorps’ College Access Corps program, as the Team Leader. The program connects low-income youth with college students and it provides college-going mindsets. Alan is also enrolled in Western Washington University’s Adult and Higher Education masters program. He is passionate about education and finding ways to create inclusive and accessible pathways for students. He enjoys writing, long walks, and languages.

Ash Kunz Photo - Board of Directors for Reconnect Earth
Ash Kunz

Ash Kunz is a devoted outdoor enthusiast based out of the Wenatchee Valley. She currently coordinates STEM programming for the North Central Regional Library and runs a Youth Climbing Program for Leavenworth Mountain Association, and is on the Board of Directors for Hand in Hand Immigration Services. Ash is dedicated to providing access and inclusion in outdoor recreation, and creating a community where diversity is celebrated and valued. Her work centers on queer inclusion and dignity, as well as other marginalized populations. When free time allows she loves climbing, SUP, mtn biking, skiing and trail running (especially after her crazy pup, Sagebrush!).

Sarah Clement Photo - Board of Directors for Reconnect Earth
Sarah Clement

Sarah Clement is an outdoors enthusiast from Washington, now pursuing a career in outdoor and science education in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is excited to bring her passion for logistics to Reconnect Earth! When not working, Sarah enjoys being outside with friends, cooking, and learning about the natural history of Alaska.

Guthrie Straw Photo - Board of Directors for Reconnect Earth
Guthrie Straw

Based in Portland Oregon, Guthrie Straw is passionate about work that lies at the intersection of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the tech, outdoor and transportation industries. Simultaneously, as a freelance photographer, his love of cinema is nourished through his role as films director for Filmed by Bike, an international bicycle film festival dedicated to weaving the act of cycling into everyday life. In addition, Guthrie draws from his decade of outdoor guide experience and environmental studies background to co-host The Sprocket Podcast, a weekly community supported broadcast dedicated to exploring alternative transportation stories in a way that is fun, intriguing, and promotes low-car living for all.