“Through Reconnect Earth, I was able to trek along with like-minded leaders who are passionate about protecting Earth. I formed deep friendships along the trails that challenged us physically and mentally, but through teamwork nothing was impossible. I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity to attend this incredible program, and I am confident it will have a life-long impact.”

-Kit, July 2022 backpacking trip participant


“I learned I should always listen to my body while out in nature. I also learned that there is so much more to do to bring inclusiveness to the climate change/activism movement through participation of BIPOC women. Reconnect Earth made me think deeply about marginalized communities and their access and needs in the outdoors.”

-Soumilee, August 2022 backpacking trip participant


Photo credit: Nicole Weeks
“I learned more about myself on this 9 day trip than in my 26 years of living on this earth. Reconnect Earth gave me the confidence to go backpacking on my own and to direct positive changes in this world. I will always cherish the time and knowledge I gained while backpacking with Reconnect Earth.”

-Nicole, August 2021 backpacking trip participant


Photo credit: Samara Mejia
“This trip has honestly taught me so much. I started the trip surrounded by people I didn’t know and ended with close friends whose friendships I will cherish for the rest of my life. I learned that being out of my comfort zone was okay because it allowed me to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable allowed me to learn and to grow.”

-Samara, June 2019 backpacking trip participant


Photo credit; Lucsy Nguyen
“Prior to this trip I never thought I could be a backpacker, because gear is very expensive. But because of Reconnect Earth I was able to enjoy the North Cascades for eight days and learn about how I can advocate for causes that are near to my heart, like food justice.”

-Lil, August 2019 backpacking trip participant