Photo credit: Samara Mejia
“This trip has honestly taught me so much. I started the trip surrounded by people I didn’t know and ended with close friends whose friendships I will cherish for the rest of my life. I learned that being out of my comfort zone was okay because it allowed me to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable allowed me to learn and to grow.”

-Samara, June 2019 backpacking trip participant


Photo credit; Lucsy Nguyen
“Prior to this trip I never thought I could be a backpacker, because gear is very expensive. But because of Reconnect Earth I was able to enjoy the North Cascades for eight days and learn about how I can advocate for causes that are near to my heart, like food justice.”

-Lil, August 2019 backpacking trip participant


Photo credit: Kateah Nims
“This summer with Reconnect Earth my lungs filled with fresh air so sweet, while I learned to carry the weight of my belongings across humbling landscapes. Reconnect Earth built a sense of dignity in me and restored my sense of significance and relevance to our future—which I had lost to the thinking that I can’t make a difference and that someone else will stand up for change. But what I do can matter. What I do should matter.”

Kateah, June 2019 backpacking trip participant