Reconnect Earth Summer 2023 Trips Application Questions Preview

Below are the questions you should be prepared to answer when filling out our summer trips application form. Complete the actual form here when you’re ready.

Basic information

First name *

Last name *

Email *

Phone *

Age *

City/town and state/province you’d be traveling from *

School you go to, if applicable

Year in school, or what you’re doing currently if not in school *

Which trip are you applying to join? (You can check more than one!) *

Mount Baker Wilderness Immersion (nine days, July 13th-21st)
Forests and Peaks of North Cascades National Park (seven days, July 28th-August 3rd)
Cascade Pass Adventure (four days, August 18th-21st)
Mountain Glaciers and Meadows–female and non-binary participants only (four days, August 25th-28th)

The questions below will help us get a feel for why you’d like to join a Reconnect Earth trip this summer

What made you want to apply for a Reconnect Earth summer trip? *

What’s one or more social, environmental, or other issue you would like to be able to take action on? List as many as you like! *

Please briefly describe your level of experience with hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities (having experience is not required). *

Please briefly describe any experience you have with activism, grassroots organizing, or advocating for causes you care about (having experience is not required).

These questions will help us make sure you’ll be able to participate safely in a trip

How much exercise do you get in a typical week? Please provide the type of activity, duration, and number of times per week (example: biking, 45 minutes, 3 times per week). *

What is the most physically challenging activity you engaged in recently? Please describe the activity and how long it lasted. *

Do you have a history of any of the following physical or medical conditions that might make outdoor activities challenging? Please check all that apply. 

Asthma/breathing problems
Heart condition
Seizures/neurological issues
Gastrointestinal tract issues
Chronic pain
Fainting/dizzy spells
Deafness/hard of hearing
Physical disability
Recent musculoskeletal injuries (in the last two years)
Recent surgery (in the last two years)

If you checked any of the physical/medical conditions above, please provide some details about your history with the condition and how you think it might affect your participation in a Reconnect Earth trip.

Do you have any of the following cognitive, behavioral, or emotional conditions? 

Eating disorder
Autism spectrum/Asperger’s syndrome
Drug/alcohol addiction
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Post-Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD)

If you checked any of the cognitive, behavioral, or emotional conditions above, please provide some details about your history with the condition and how you think it might affect your participation in a Reconnect Earth trip.

If you checked any of the physical/medical OR cognitive, behavior, or emotional issues above, what could we do to help you participate more comfortably?

Please list any known allergies you have:

Do you have any of these dietary restrictions?

Dairy-free/lactose intolerant

All participants and staff on Reconnect Earth trips must show proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Please upload a photo or scan of your COVID vaccination card or other proof of vaccination. * 

Reconnect Earth strives to make our trips accessible to participants of all genders, races, and economic backgrounds. With this in mind, it’s helpful if you fill out the below information.

How would you describe your race/ethnicity?What gender pronouns do you use?

What would you say is your economic class background?

Working class/low-income
Middle class
Upper class

Do you identify with any of the following? Please check any that apply.

Speaker of more than one language
Member of the LGBTQ+ community
First-generation college student

Scholarship application (optional): Please fill out this section if you wish to request a scholarship. If you’re not asking for a scholarship, you can skip this page.

Would you like to request

A 50% scholarship
A 75-80% scholarship (depending on trip)

We want our trips to be accessible for participants of all income levels. Would you please briefly describe your current financial situation to the degree you feel comfortable?

If you did not receive a scholarship, would you still be able to participate in a Reconnect Earth trip?

Yes, I would still participate
No, I could not participate
I could participate but would choose not to
I’m not sure

Have you looked into ways you might be able to raise money to help cover tuition, for example from your school or through creative fundraising ideas? If so please describe.

What is one or more way you think you could use experiences from a Reconnect Earth trip to benefit other people around you after the trip is over?

Just a few last things…

I agree to Reconnect Earth’s Assumption of Risk policy * 

I realize photos from the trip may be used on Reconnect Earth’s website or other materials. If I don’t consent to appearing in photos, I will inform Reconnect Earth in writing no later than the end of the trip. *

Did another trip applicant refer you to this application? If so, what’s their name? 

Ready to join a trip? Fill out the actual application form here!