Our role


Reconnect Earth prioritizes giving young and emerging leaders tools to build a stronger, longer-lasting environmental movement. We interpret the term “environment” broadly, believing it encompasses human communities and that social justice and equity are an integral part of an ecologically viable future. At the heart of our organization’s work are our experiential summer field programs for students. These take participants outdoors to connect with ecosystems and landscapes, explore their own social identities in an empowered setting, and learn about grassroots organizing techniques.

All alumni of Reconnect Earth field programs are encouraged to stay involved in a support network which provides additional leadership development opportunities. Alums may also propose an environmental and/or social justice-related campaign they want to run at their campus or in their community during the schoolyear, and selected campaigns receive more intensive support from Reconnect Earth. Student leaders work with a staff mentor and have access to trainings, additional networking opportunities, and use of Reconnect Earth’s communications tools to maximize their projects’ effectiveness.

Reconnect Earth views our summer field programs and our schoolyear leadership development and student-run campaigns as inextricably linked and both integral to our mission. We work with people to develop and sustain the kind of culturally inclusive connection with ecosystems and communities that fosters a lasting commitment to activism.